SEPC Member Scholarship Program

Education is one of the key foundations of the SEPC’s mission. Recipients of the SEPC Member Scholarship will each receive $2,000 towards their educational goals for the upcoming school year. The SEPC awarded 38 scholarships ($76,000) in 2016, and we are proud to increase that to 52 scholarships ($104,000) in 2017 thanks to the dedication of our members.

  • Qualified applicants are required to have a parent or grandparent that is a corporate member of the SEPC and is in good standing. That member must have attended at least one SEPC event in the last year.
  • Qualified applicants must also be enrolled with at least twelve credit hours.

Scholarship Program FAQ's

Who is eligible to apply for the SEPC Member Scholarship Program?

You must be corporate member for two years in good standing as of January 1, 2018 and must have attended at least one event (Southern Exposure and/or Southern Innovations) in the current membership year. Immediate family members may apply if the active member is part of a corporate membership. Members who have individual memberships are not eligible.

Applicant must be enrolled as a full time student (minimum 12 semester hours).

Who are the judges?

Members of the SEPC Education Committee.

Where do I submit my application?

The 2018 SEPC scholarship application can only be submitted online. The application form will be available in March 2018.

Are there any special considerations?

Special consideration will be given to those who are planning to pursue a career in a produce or food industry field.

I was a recipient of a past scholarship award from the SPC. Can I apply again?

First preference is given to new applicants; however you may apply for additional scholarship awards. You will need to provide transcripts from the university you are attending along with proof of enrollment for the 2018 school year. All repeat scholarship recipients must maintain a 3.2 GPA to be eligible each year.

When will the SEPC scholarship winners be announced?

Winners are announced on July 1, 2017.

Essay Topic

Write an essay outlining your reasons for applying for SEPC Scholarship and your career goals.

Congratulations to these 52 recipients, and thank you to all 2017 SEPC Member Scholarship Program applicants!

Recipient SEPC Member Company
Alexander Aken

Ashley Aken

Connor Alexander

Alexandra Biederman

Adrianna Biederman

Tyler Boyette

Mario Bruno

Sarah Cassius

Christopher Congdon

Kristen Cullen

James Cunningham

Rachel Daniels

William DeCramer

Nicholas DiCarlo

Haley Dietz

Casey Eisinger

Cassandra Ellison

Zachary Elmer

Corbin Estess

Kathryn Hearn

Andrew Hendrix

Katherine Key

Kennedy Key

Jake Klausner

Haley Koran

Madeline May

Savannah Millburn

Adam Millburn

Ila Mitchell

Lauren Mocettini

John Mocettini

Kayla Mudger

Haidyn Owens

Joshua Powell

Kyle Prather

Emma Scott

Payton Scott

Henry Sherrod

Abigail Slagel

Mari-Ana Smith

Trevor Stagg

Philip Temples

Robert Temples

Kayla Tipton

Kyle Turner

Daniela Turner

Billie VanStory

Krista Williams

Grant Yeager

Andrew Yeager

Zachary Yeager

Chelsey Zirkle

Kurt Aken

Kurt Aken

Chuck Alexander

Bryan Biederman

Bryan Biederman

Trey Boyette

Charles Bruno

Mark Cassius

Darrell Congdon

Calvert Cullen

John Cunningham

Glenn Daniels

Michael DeCramer

Ugo DiCarlo

Kelly Dietz

Patrick Eisinger

Ryan Ellison

Chris Elmer

Rick Estess

Karen Hearn

Kevin Hendrix

Brian Key

Brian Key

Daniel Klausner

Steve Koran

Stephen May

Adam Millburn

Adam Millburn

Mitch Mitchell

Paul Mocettini

Paul Mocettini

Todd Mudger

Mike Owens

Derek Powell

Kyle Prather

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott

David Sherrod

Brian Slagel

Jan VanDriessche

William Stagg

Seab Temples

Seab Temples

Mike Tipton

Bruce Turner

Bruce Turner

Michael Ramkey

Tom Page

Dave Yeager

Dave Yeager

David Yeager

Kevin Zirkle

Fresh Express

Fresh Express

Merchants Distributors LLC

Scotlynn Sweet Pac Growers

Scotlynn Sweet Pac Growers

SMP Southeast Marketing, Inc.

DiMare Fresh Tampa


Florida Classic Growers

Northampton Growers


Earthbound Farm

Tropical Nut & Fruit Co.

Red Sun Farms

Berry Fresh

Lowes Foods

K-Va-T Food Stores

Del Monte Fresh Produce

RPE, Inc.

California Table Grape Commission

Hendrix Produce

Southern Valley

Southern Valley

Apio, Inc.

Earthbound Farm

C&C Produce

King Fresh Produce

King Fresh Produce

International Paper

Muzzi Family Farms

Muzzi Family Farms

Florida Classic Growers

Pioneer Growers

Castellini Group of Companies

Flavor-Pic Tomato Co.

Nickey Gregory Company

Nickey Gregory Company


Sunkist Growers

North Bay Produce, Inc.

Florida Food Service

Collin Brothers Produce

Collin Brothers Produce

Schnucks Markets, Inc.

Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers

Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers

Performance Food Group

Retired (Supervalu)

Farm Fresh Direct

Farm Fresh Direct

Farm Fresh Direct

Military Produce Group