Learning, Interaction, & Networking with Key Players in the Supply Chain


LINKS is an educational leadership program where exceptional, qualified individuals in the Grower/Shipper community connect with Retail/Foodservice providers in the Southeast. Taking place during Southern Exposure, LINKS is designed to create a non-competitive environment to facilitate exchange of ideas, learning, interaction, networking, and enhanced understanding of the retail supply chain to achieve the overall goals to better service consumers and drive consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Southeast. The SEPC will provide a meeting space at Southern Exposure to participating Retail/Foodservice members to facilitate a supply chain opportunity to our current sponsors. Exhibiting Grower/Shippers will be invited upon request of participating Retail/Foodservice members. Upon selection, both parties will then be assigned a location in which their meeting will take place at Southern Exposure.

Program Goals


This program supports one of the Southeast Produce Council’s most important pillars, Education. The primary purpose of LINKS is to provide a unique educational opportunity for two critical links of the fresh produce supply chain. Grower/Shippers will gain deeper knowledge of how products move through the Retail/Foodservice segment of the supply chain. Invited participants will engage with Retail/Foodservice providers to foster new ideas and collaborate on potential opportunities to optimize supply chain links to create universal improvements for the produce industry.


The “action is in the interaction” conveys another critical element of LINKS. Qualified leaders and supply chain experts in the Grower/Shipper sector will interact with Retail/Foodservice providers in a friendly environment where the focus is on supply chain optimization for the common good of the produce industry.


LINKS supports yet another pillar of the Southeast Produce Council by creating an innovative platform for networking. Grower/Shipper participants will have scheduled opportunities during Southern Exposure to network with select Retail/Foodservice providers on supply chain content.

Key Players

LINKS will only be available to qualified key players of the Grower/Shipper community that have active, impactful roles that directly relate to an element of the supply chain and are also SEPC level sponsors. Those exhibiting Grower/Shippers will be invited upon request of participating Retail/Foodservice members. This group of participants may include representatives from all aspects of the supply chain which include but are not limited to: operations, shipping, food safety & quality assurance, marketing, sales, product development, etc. Participants are expected to uphold a high level of professionalism and always have Southeast Produce Council’s values in mind throughout the program; Integrity, Morals, Passionate, Accountable, Charitable, and Teamwork.

Supply Chain

Supply chain is defined as the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity. LINKS will provide an educational platform for participants to explore and discover ways to make the links of our supply chains stronger and more efficient.

LINKS is another premier program offered by the Southeast Produce Council that further supports our founding vision:

“To be the premier produce resource in the Southeast”