Scholarship Details

Education is one of the key foundations of the Southeast Produce Council’s mission. Recipients of the SEPC Member Scholarship will each receive a scholarship of $2,000 towards their educational goals for the upcoming school year. The SEPC has awarded 62 scholarships ($124,000) in 2019 thanks to the dedication of our members.

Scholarship FAQ's

Who is eligible to apply for the SEPC Member Scholarship Program?

Applicant must be/have a parent or grandparent who is a corporate member in good standing as of January 1, 2019 [Member has been on the SEPC membership roster for at least 12 months and has personally attended at least one event (Southern Exposure and/or Southern Innovations) within the last 12 months]. Immediate family members may apply if the active member is part of a corporate membership. Members who have individual memberships are not eligible.

Applicant must be enrolled as a full time student (minimum 12 semester hours).

What is necessary to complete the application?

  • College or high school transcript
  • SEPC Member Name and Member #
  • College/University Student ID #, current major, and GPA (minimum 3.0 GPA required)
  • College/University Address where the scholarship check will be sent
  • SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Enrollment verification from College/University
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation
  • Community Involvement
  • 500-word minimum and 1000-word maximum essay
  • Essay Topic: How do you define success?

Where do I submit my application?

The SEPC scholarship application can only be submitted online through our link which will be provided beginning March 16, 2020. The application deadline is May 1, 2020 at 5pm EST.

Who are the judges?

Members of the SEPC Scholarship Committee.

*All judges will be impartial when judging each redacted essay. All participant names and company references will be redacted before judging. If any judge has a personal relationship with any participant, that judge will be asked to recuse themselves from judging and replaced.

I was a recipient of a past scholarship award from the SEPC. Can I apply again?

First preference is given to new applicants, however, you may apply for additional scholarship awards. You will need to provide transcripts from the university you are attending along with proof of enrollment for the 2019 school year. All repeat scholarship recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA to be eligible each year.

When will the SEPC scholarship recipients be announced?

Recipients are announced on May 22, 2020.


  • Kade Adams

  • Veronica Baker

  • Adrianna Biederman

  • Alexandra Biederman

  • Megan Borda

  • Tyler Boyette

  • Hunter Boyette

  • James Brown

  • Thiago Campbell

  • Ashleigh Coffman

  • Christopher Congdon

  • Kristen Cullen

  • James Cunningham

  • Erik Daniels

  • Rachel Daniels

  • Dylan Daniels

  • Nicholas DiCarlo

  • Patrick Dunleavy

  • Zachary Elmer

  • Jacob Espey

  • Allison Eubanks

  • Grayson Ferrell

  • Victoria Garrett

  • Sydney Hahn

  • Noah Harwell

  • Kathryn Hearn

  • Andrew Hendrix

  • Grayson Johnston

  • Jake Klausner

  • Tyler Koran

  • Justin Litaker

  • Maria Llanten

  • Blaine Millburn

  • Savannah Millburn

  • Ila Mitchell

  • John Mocettini

  • Maxwell Mudger

  • Cora Neill

  • Haidyn Owens

  • Olin Paivarinta-Skands

  • Kasie Ream

  • Tim Ryan

  • Carter Schwalls

  • Payton Scott

  • Emma Scott

  • Hudson Sherrod

  • Henry Sherrod

  • Chapman Shuman

  • John Luke Shuman

  • Abigail Slagel

  • Sebastian Slagel

  • Brady (Granger) Slate

  • Mari-Ana Smith

  • Brittany St. George

  • Connor Strady

  • Grace Tanner

  • Robert Temples

  • Philip Temples

  • Billie VanStory

  • Carlos Visconti

  • Krista Williams

  • Grace Wilson