James & Theresa Nolan Family Foundation Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2016 Nolan Family Foundation Scholarship winner, Katherine Key!

James and Theresa Nolan

The James and Theresa Nolan Family Foundation scholarship is available to Southeast Produce Council members in good standing including their children and grandchildren.

This scholarship was established to memorialize Jim Nolan, who took an ethical stand on a business matter at great cost to himself. As a result of his professional ethics, Nolan was ostracized by colleagues and remained isolated in his efforts to maintain moral integrity in his workplace.

It would have taken only a few others with the courage to speak out to change the course of events. Tragically, Jim died before the trial that finally vindicated his actions but a judge and a jury of 13 found in his favor.

Our sincere thanks to Theresa Nolan for providing this scholarship to the members of the Southeast Produce Council. Theresa is a member of our Attendance Committee and the Southern Exposure Conference Committees. She is always available to lend a helping hand wherever needed.