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Our Committees

Whether you’re interested in bolstering our organization through speaking engagements and educational programs, or working with charities to give back to our communities, we encourage you to get involved in our committees. And the networking and fellowship opportunities are unsurpassed.

Committee Descriptions

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Mission: To improve health and quality of life for children and families through initiatives that focus on increasing consumption and building awareness around produce while engaging SEPC members in the Central Florida community.

Committee Co-Chair: Jon Schwalls
Committee Co-Chair: Amanda Keefer

Mission: To actively pursue “qualified” retail, foodservice, and wholesale companies to attend our networking events and become active members of the SEPC. We will use a strategic approach to invite customers that will enhance our value and strengthen our organization.

Committee Chair: Derek Ennis

Mission: To support CHOA's goal of raising and caring for healthy kids by pushing awareness and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Committee Chair: Blair Greenhill

Mission: To explore, vet and implement high-quality, innovative education sessions and resources to inform SEPC members on top industry trends and data.

Committee Chair: Kristin Yerecic Scott

Mission: To inspire creativity and value to the foodservice industry through fresh produce.

Committee Chair: Stanley Trout

Mission: To provide a setting for the Grower/Shipper community to connect with Retail/Foodservice providers at our networking events. LINKS shall create a non-competitive environment to facilitate exchange of ideas, learning, interaction, networking, and enhanced understanding of the retail supply chain to achieve the overall goals to better service consumers and drive consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Southeast.

Committee Co-Chair: Chris Dove

Committee Co-Chair: Don Fox

Mission: To support children in Southeastern communities through the generous giving of our passionate members’ time, energy, resources and prayer. SEPC and the Palmer Home work to educate children and their caretakers on the benefits of healthy eating and the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Committee Chair: Kristin Yerecic Scott

Mission: To educate young men, who have been given a second chance at life, on the health benefits and importance of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables; All while learning stewardship, gratitude, work ethic, and social responsibility at the same time as supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to the home and engaging SEPC members in Southeast Georgia through their time, resources, and prayer.

Committee Chair: Mark Shuman

Mission: To work on projects and programs to provide value-added services for retail membership.

Committee Chair: Chris Dove

Mission: To work collaboratively with SEPC staff and its members to introduce and promote healthy food choices for people who struggle with hunger; to make fresh wholesome produce more available to people in need; to build capacity of farmer/grower partners, reduce food waste, and educate individuals and families in need on the preparation and benefits of fresh nutritious food. 

Committee Chair: Duke Lane

Mission: To offer financial assistance to students of our members in good standing that are in pursuit of higher learning, while promoting our industry and organization. 

Committee Chair: Sloan Lott

Mission: To encourage, facilitate and foster new relationships between women in the produce industry through events, education, and mentoring.          

Committee Chair: Sabrina Pokomandy

Mission: To recruit top students and to introduce them to job opportunities in the produce industry.

Committee Co-Chair: Raina Nelson

Committee Co-Chair: Clark Roper

Mission: To provide an enriched learning experience for retail and foodservice produce professionals. Our participants also develop a greater understanding of the industry through an emphasis on strategic orientation, personal leadership, and hands-on field experience.

Committee Co-Chair: Mike Roberts

Committee Co-Chair: Gary Baker

Den Mother: Faye Westfall

NOTE: You will receive notification from an SEPC Committee Chair if your submission has been approved. If you miss two consecutive calls without notifying an SEPC Committee Chair, you will be removed from the committee.